Tenoch y Julio

Title: Tenoch y Julio

Author: Bone

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Fandom: Y Tu Mama, Tambien

Pairing: Threesome (Tenoch/Julio/Luisa)

Rating: NC-17

Type: Slash

Summary: A missing scene from "Y Tu Mama, Tambien". Rent it. Rent it now. Or better yet, buy it.

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Disclaimers: The characters belong to other people, mostly Alfonso Cuaron. Written for pleasure, not profit. Intended for adult readers only, please.

Notes: I loved "Y Tu Mama, Tambien." I saw it three times and now own the DVD. I thought the threesome scene was unbelievably sexy, and wanted to take a little further than the film allowed.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Tenoch tastes like Luisa. Tequila, beer, lime. Soft, strong tongue that's bigger than hers, wider mouth. Yes, no, he doesn't feel like Luisa. Even with my eyes closed, I know it's him, not her. She's below, her own soft, strong tongue licking first me, then him, then both, Jesus, then both. That's him I feel down there. Her tongue. His…fuck. fuck. fuck. He's hot, hard, like me. Just like me, only wetter, I think. Bigger, maybe. His hands are on me now, one on my back, one of my chest, turning me into him, bending me, pulling me in, and her mouth is gone, she's gone, it's just us, him pushing against my stomach, me against his hip, both of us pushing, pushing, mouths, hands…it's not enough, not enough. I grab, get one hand in his hair and pull hard, open wide and shove my tongue in his mouth and fuck it like I would if he were Luisa. But he's not. It's not Luisa I'm fucking with my tongue, not her soft, sweet fur I'm shoving my dick into. It's Tenoch. Christ, it's Tenoch.


They're beautiful, and they don't know it. Or they could be beautiful, if they stopped talking, listened more, followed directions.

Except perhaps they needed less encouragement than I knew. A few drinks, some talk, and they don't need me after all. They never did, but now they know it. Tenoch bends, leans into Julio, his hands ghosting over, then grasping, tugging. They're so beautiful like this. So young. They won't last a minute this way, not the way Julio's going at him, pounding Tenoch's hip, biting his lip. Eyes closed, pressed together, they won't last any longer with each other than they did with me.

Julio comes first, breaking his mouth from Tenoch's, burying his head in Tenoch's chest, rubbing there while he paints white stripes on Tenoch's stomach. Tenoch rears back, his hands flexing in Julio's hair, but he's there, too, too far gone to pull away, too far gone to do anything but shake in Julio's arms and jet.

There now. That's done. Now we can begin.


It's too weird, but I'm too fucked up to worry about it now. Luisa's still kneeling there next to us. God, she watched us. Too fucking weird. Ahh. No, no, she's licking again, but in the spunk this time, trails that lead nowhere, like the stupid map Saba gave us. Pushing us apart, pushing us down on the bed with her. She's like an angel there, a naked angel still wearing her panties. I'm hard again before she's finished cleaning us up. Julio looks more drugged than I've ever seen him on E. He's red everywhere, and his mouth's swollen. Even his eyes are red, hot, and I don't know where to look. I can't not look at him. His ugly dick's filling up again, and I'm watching that happen, and I'm twitching, looking at him.

Luisa slides back, moon breasts soft on her chest, and she says, "Julio, eat me. Nice. Not like a lollipop. No, don't eat me. Drink me…like a mouthful of wine."

I watch him, hold his eyes as he moves down, watch as he pulls her panties off, watch as he licks his swollen lips and touches her there. She closes her eyes and arches her back. She must like it. I keep watching, so I'll know what to do if she asks me to do it. Guess I fucked it up last time. She likes Julio, I see that she does. I see that she's wet—it's not all Julio's tongue getting her wet. I can smell her, salty from the sea, salty like the sea.

I grab myself, stroke lightly once or twice, so maybe I feel something of what they feel. She stretches, slides her legs farther apart, and pets Julio's head. "Yes, yes, just like that, there," she murmurs, and I stroke a little harder. I move to her side, looking down now, and Julio looks up at me and grins.

"Tenoch?" It's a whisper, near my ear. I turn, and she kisses me, softly, sweetly. She wants this to last, I know she does.


"Fuck me, okay? Slowly."

Okay, yes, okay. "I'll try."

I'm sliding down, moving around Julio, and he lets me in, changing places with me, so I'm lying between her spread legs, and he's beside her. Then his tongue is back, because she didn't tell him not to, and I can tell he's loving it; he's sweating and he's so hard he's bobbing up against his stomach. He closes his eyes when I move up. I pull her thighs over mine, take my cock in my hand and shove it into her. It feels huge in there, like she tightened down on me, and she's gasping for breath. The mouth of heaven. I rock back, then forward, again, again, and the next time, when I'm all the way in deep, I feel Julio's tongue on me, on her, I feel the hot streak it leaves as I pull out and I'm back before I can stop myself, pushing in and holding there, trapped by her heat and the wet of Julio's tongue. Her pussy can't begin to do what his mouth can do, and Jesus, that's fucked, it's all so fucked.

Harder, faster, and Luisa's moaning now, talking under her breath, but if I lean over to hear her, I'll push Julio away, and…no, not now, not now. I breathe as deep as I can and put my hand on Julio's head, pushing just a little, holding him there while I try not to come. Slowly, she said. Slowly. I pull back, run my hands under her thighs, and slide into her one more time, waiting until Julio licks us both before doing it again. If I wait for him, I can have one more stroke. I say it to myself over and over. Wait for Julio, wait for Julio. It's a shock when Luisa actually comes. I think I never made a girl do that before, because this, with Luisa, with Julio, is something new. She clenches down on me inside, hard, so hard I can't pull out, and Julio's tongue is right there, sharp little tongue on me, on her, on me.

She's breathing so hard her tits are shaking, and she's laughing. "Good boy. Good boy," she says, stroking Julio's cheek. Before I can get pissed off, she's opening her eyes. "Good boy, Tenoch," she says, and it's all okay again. I did it. I didn't come. Neither did Julio. But she did. Luisa did.



"Come in his mouth."

Oh, no. No. I can't. I wouldn't. I won't. None of it comes out of my mouth, just some strange sound, some whimper that I hear in my sleep sometimes before I wake up with my hand sticky and my heart racing. Come. Come. Julio lifts his head from her lap, and I pull out, so hard, so hard, and then my hand is on Julio's head, and I'm turning him, turning him toward me, and then I feel his tongue again, licking her off me, that's all, he's just tasting her. But then his mouth moves higher, licks across the tip, and I'm gone, jerking toward him, not away, how fucked is that? I'm coming, in his mouth, on it, my hands tight in his hair, holding him there, and it looks…good…on him. Shiny, wet on his lips, where his tongue's coming out to taste.

Luisa's up and on me before I'm done. Her tongue's in my mouth and she's got Julio up with her, leaning in, kissing us both like she kissed our cocks before. I can taste her in Julio's mouth, and I can taste myself there, too. It's like he's us now, like he isn't just himself anymore.


I can't believe we're doing this. She tastes so damn good, and Tenoch…I wanted him to do it. What does that say? What does it mean? I screw my eyes closed tight, still feeling the slick of him sliding down my throat.

"Julio, Julio." Luisa's mouthing my ear, sending little electric shocks to my dick.

I lean, I don't care who catches me, I don't care who touches me; I have to come. I have to. I think my dick will break off if I don't. Tenoch is laughing now, the prick, because he got his, didn't he? I gave it to him. It's Tenoch who catches me. I can tell by the size of his hands, by the strength in them on my back. I let myself fall into him, who cares now? Who cares? He's solid, straight, no curves like Luisa. His collarbone takes my teeth and I feel him flinch, then he leans into me, until we're holding each other up.

"Julio." I open my eyes. Luisa's pretty face, happy. Tenoch's, set in an expression I don't know. After all these years, I don't know this Tenoch. I'm so hard, it's hard to concentrate on what Luisa's doing. What is she? Her finger. She's flipping me off. No, she wants it up the ass, the master of finesse up her ass. I reach for her ass, but she turns, gives me her pussy, no, not really, just turning her butt away. What?

"Him," she says, nuzzling Tenoch's neck. "I want you to do it to him."

Fuck me. No way. No fucking way. No way will Tenoch let me stick a finger up his ass.

"No fucking way," Tenoch grunts.

See? I told you.

"Tenoch, you owe him. Fair's fair."

Oh, like that's ever meant anything to Tenoch. Besides, I can't ever pay what I owe him.

Jesus, he's moving, flopping down on the bed, and Luisa's on top of him, rubbing herself on him, talking sweet to him, and he just puts his arms over his head, spreads his legs, and breathes out, hard.

There's not enough tequila in the world to blame this on. I know it. Does he?

Luisa rolls off him, tucking herself in at his side. She keeps one hand on his nipple, playing there, and reaches the other out to me. "Use the longest one," she says, "Go slow, then do this —" and she crooks her finger.

Can I do this? Can I?

I may come before I ever get a finger inside him. I may come just looking at him with his eyes closed, with her draped at his side. Luisa reaches for my dick, but I grab her hand. "I won't make it," I tell her, and she smiles a little smile.

Okay. My longest finger. It's not as long as hers, maybe she should do this. No. Tenoch jerks back when I touch him, just on the inside of his thigh. He jerks and his hands grab the ratty bedspread and bunch it. Luisa calms him with just her voice; mine is the only hand on him now. I can hear each breath he takes, see it in his chest, in his stomach. When I touch behind his balls, he stops breathing, and his dick twitches.

I spread my fingers there and push just a little, and now his balls twitch, too. I don't know if Luisa's watching me or him; doesn't matter. I take my finger and put it in my mouth, wet it down, then before I can change my mind, before he jerks away for good, it's in there, pushing in, tighter than Luisa, tighter than anything I ever felt, and Tenoch is coming off the bed, his feet and his shoulders holding the bow of his body. He clamps a hand over his mouth and pushes Luisa away. I don't think he meant to, but he's flailing around and it's like I've hooked him, like he's caught and can't get away. He drops back onto the bed and moves his hand from his mouth to his eyes, covering them. Do I stop?

I look at Luisa, and she crooks her finger at me. No, she's not telling me to come to her. I crook my finger inside Tenoch, way deep in him, God, I've got my finger up his ass, and he goes rigid, still, his dick hard again for real now. Hard again, when the only touch is mine. It's too much. I lean over him, get my dick wedged into the damp, tight spot between his legs, push into my own hand and thrust. I crook that finger inside him, twist into my own palm, and finally, finally, let go, shuddering against my familiar hand, minus one finger.

I can't breathe. I don't know where Luisa is. I press my face against the bed near Tenoch's armpit, and I feel his arm come down heavy across my back. I try to be careful when I pull out of Tenoch's ass, but he still shivers against me. I rub my finger on the bedspread. It's gross, now that it's done. It's gross, but I don't ever remember feeling like this with Ceci. Like I came inside out, like I left something behind.

I never felt like this.


Let them sleep. They don't need me anymore. I like my bed of sand, under my roof of stars.

Let them sleep.

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