Price You Pay


What If…(an alternate scenario for "The Price You Pay")

What If…(an alternate scenario for "The Price You Pay")

Author: Bone

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Fandom: The Fast & The Furious

Rating: NC-17. Threesome.

Notes: Please do not archive or post without discussing it with me first. Written for pleasure, not profit. The characters do not belong to me. Duh. Thanks go to Maygra for cheer-leading. Dedicated to KadyMae.


What if…when Brian suggested that "Knox" and Dom share a girl at Huerta's hacienda, instead of Dom refusing with his "I don't share" comment, he'd said ….

"Sure, Mr. Knox. Hook us up."


What the fuck was Brian doing?

For three hours, he'd been holed up in Huerta's big open living room, drinking with the Don and somebody Dom didn't recognize, and several of the many beautiful girls Huerta kept around the place like living paintings. So for three hours, Dom had sat in his rocking chair across the courtyard, watching from the shadows, watching while Brian threw back shot after shot. He excused himself several times, staggering out of view with his hand on his zipper, probably pissing straight tequila by now.

Every time he came back into view, he made a beeline for one particular girl.

Make that one particular woman. A little older than the others, not as petite, nowhere near as fresh. She was tall, with aggressive breasts, muscled thighs, lots of thick dark hair. Her whole body gave off attitude, even when she was sitting down. There wasn't a block in Guadalajara this one hadn't been around.

A good choice for Knox to make, if he had to make one. An interesting pick for Huerta, too—it showed he'd put some thought into Knox, and his possible preferences.

Dom shifted uncomfortably.

They'd talked about it, yeah, but the idea of Brian…or him…or especially of Brian and him…Fuck.

He could screw one of them, if he had to. He could even watch Brian do it, he was pretty sure about that. He could imagine either one of those things without trying too hard or getting too worked up about it. But the idea of doing it…doing hertogether made his dick stretch like a wild thing in his nice tame Chinos, and his imagination sparked out on him.

Brian had the girl in his lap now, his hand sliding up under her short skirt. Dom couldn't see where she put her hand, but Brian slid farther down in the chair and spread his legs, so it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Huerta said something to her, must've been something sharp, because she yanked her hand out of Brian's lap, and he sat up straight. Brian stood abruptly, almost dumping the girl, but saved her with an arm around her hips.

Dom stood, too, his hand automatically checking his holster, ready to fly across the courtyard, if necessary.

Brian said something to Huerta, and Huerta nodded, apparently appeased.

Brian slapped the girl lightly on the ass, and pointed outside, across the way. Pointed straight to their rooms, and straight at him, standing dark and silent in the shadows

The girl leaned on Brian, stroked her hand low across his belly, then sauntered unsteadily to the door to the courtyard.

Brian leaned over, caught himself with a hand on the desk, then shook Huerta's hand, sketched a salute to the other guests, and wove his way out the door on sea legs.

Dom met them halfway across the courtyard.

Brian reeked of tequila, and the girl wasn't much better.

Dom got his shoulder under Brian's arm. "Mr. Knox, everything okay?" he asked.

Brian let Dom have some of his weight, and spread his other arm around the girl, linking them. "Everything's fine. Wouldn't you say so, Lupita?"

Lupita. In Italian, it meant "little she-wolf."

Perfect. Just what they needed. Drunk Brian with a she-wolf sniffing his groin. He'd have to check with Snyder, but he was pretty damn sure this hadn't been part of the job description.

Lupita showed Dom her teeth. Good teeth, strong and white. The better to eat you with, my dear.

"This is Dominic," Brian slurred. "He goes where I go."

Lupita appraised him, her lips pouted. She spent an uncomfortable amount of time staring at his crotch, then said, "Ees fine."

Brian laughed under his breath. "It's fine? Or he's fine?" he said, leaning over and licking behind her ear.

Dom almost dumped him in the firepit when he heard Lupita gasp. Oh yeah, he knew what that tongue could do to a neck.

"Let's take this inside, Mr. Knox," Dom said, tugging them across the courtyard. He had to wait while Brian planted a kiss on Lupita's wide mouth, heard the sound of wet lips and moving tongues, obscene in the quiet of the courtyard.

A catcall from one of the balconies seemed to break Brian's concentration, and he lifted his head from Lupita's, turned to Dom, and…

…smiled at him.

Not a drunken Knox smile; a knowing Brian smile.

Dom blinked at him. What the fuck…

Brian leaned more heavily on Dom, brushed his ear with his mouth and whispered, "I worshipped the porcelain god."

Jesus. All those trips to the bathroom. Brian had been ditching the tequila almost as fast as he drank it.

Dom shook his head, put a hand on Brian's chin and turned his face away. " You smell like a distillery."

Brian went with the momentum of Dom's hand on his chin, turning all the way back to Lupita. "Do I stink?"

Lupita looked confused.

"Do you like how I smell, Lupita?" Brian asked softly, leaning toward her, and hell, Dom got hard at the sound of that. He could only imagine what it did to Lupita.

He found out when Lupita's hand headed straight for Brian's groin, and she fastened her mouth to the skin just above Brian's collar. "Si, senor, I do," she said between bites.

Brian faltered for the first time, his hand clenching hard on Dom's shoulder, and Dom heard him make a sound, a soft dark sex sound, deep in his throat.

God, for a smart guy, Brian sure could be dumb sometimes. What had he thought would happen? That some strange woman's hand between his legs and mouth on his neck wouldn't do anything for him? That he wouldn't get off on it?

They'd done some stupid shit in their time, separately and together, but this had to rank in the top five. Dom turned his head, ready to tell Brian if he felt like screwing some drunken puta in front of Huerta's goons, fine by him, but no way would he'd stand there and watch Brian do it…

…when Brian's hand relaxed its grip and his thumb dipped in the collar of Dom 's shirt, stroked across the base of his skull, smooth and easy. Dom felt the impact of that thumb all the way down his spine, between his legs, and he stifled a sound in his own throat.

Brian rolled his head on his shoulders, looked at Dom. His slack mouth lifted at one corner. "You in?" he asked.

Dom tightened his grip on Brian's back. "Depends on what you have in mind."

"Liar," Brian said, his voice hard. "You're in."

Dom didn't like Knox much, but he did cut through the bullshit.

Yeah, he was in.

Dom got them to Brian's room, turned the handle on the door, and they basically fell into the room in a tangle of arms and legs. Dom didn't bother turning on the light. He had no way of knowing if the cameras had infrared or not, but unless they could persuade Lupita to fuck them in the bathroom, whatever they did was probably going to end up on a tape somewhere, brought out for bachelor parties and All Saint's Day.

Meager light from the courtyard let him see just enough to know where Brian and Lupita were in the room. Brian had pulled off his coat and untucked his s hirt. Lupita was on her knees in front of him, working the front of his pants.

"Hey, Lupita, you understand what —" Brian's voice cut off with a gasp. Guess Lupita had found her way in.

"It's no problem," Lupita said, her accent heavy but perfectly understandable. "You, him, I can do that."

Brian lifted her chin with one hand. "Me and him," he said, not a question, not a request.

All Knox.

Dom shivered. He wanted Brian. He wasn't anywhere near as certain he could take on Knox.

Lupita looked over at Dom, assessed him again, then licked her lips. "Yeah, sure."

She stood, surprisingly graceful in her tight clothes and high heels, and walked toward Dom. He took in her shape, the way she moved, her hair. God, she looked familiar…

Oh, shit.

Brian hadn't picked a girl for Knox. Brian had picked a girl for Dom.


Brian watched as Lupita made her voluptuous way to Dom, watched her hands stray across Dom's broad shoulders, down his chest, and felt his dick go from half-hard to tight and reckless.

If he closed his eyes halfway, she could be Letty. How many times had he tortured himself imagining them? How often had he jerked off in his crappy little bed at Harry's to the thought of Dom and Letty together like this, touching, kissing, fucking…

It had all started right there, one lonely whack job that began with a picture of Letty blowing Dom, but ended up with Brian in the starring role, Brian the cocksucker with his jaw stretched and his mouth opened wide, taking everything Dom could force down him, taking it, loving it, coming so hard at just the idea of it that he'd strained a muscle in his thigh and walked funny for days.

He blinked a couple of times, tried to get his bearings. Just because he'd managed to purge most of the shit he'd thrown down his throat didn't mean some of it wasn't still swimming in his bloodstream. He shucked his shirt, pulled his belt from his pants, toed off his shoes and tugged off his socks. He hesitated at his pants, then tore them off, too, underwear, everything. Wasn't like they didn't know why they were here.

He looked at Dom over Lupita's head. His eyes had adjusted enough that he could see Dom's expression, a weird combination of lust and annoyance and a little of the desperation he felt inside himself.

He needed this, so did Dom, and if it meant going through Lupita to get it, so be it.

That didn't feel like a thought he'd come up with on his own, and he wondered how much of Knox had settled in his bloodstream, too. Wondered what Dom thought of him. He tried to think like Knox, tried not to feel strange being naked in front of two clothed people and at least one security camera. He got Dom's attention by snapping his fingers. Dom started, looked up from Lupita's pretty remarkable chest, and Brian waggled his index finger, pointing up.

Dom got it. "Just the one, I think," he murmured, hardly moving his lips. "Bathroom's clean, far as I can tell."

Brian nodded. "Bathroom it is, then."

He stepped forward, put an arm around Lupita's waist and dragged her back against him. When she put a hand back to steady herself and found his naked thigh, she melted into him, her back curving around his heavy dick.

Dom leaned forward, unbuttoned her blouse. She took a deep breath when he stripped the shirt down her arms, and Brian realized she wanted to display herself, show herself at her best. She did have beautiful breasts, heavy and ripe, with sharp nipples showing through a lace bra.

Dom buried his face there, mouthed at her while he reached around to undo her bra. Between the bra straps and her shirt, they could have tied her up for hours, but they let her go long enough to strip her completely; it didn't take long to pull off a skirt and a thong.

Lupita liked being looked at. She tilted her head so she could see Brian behind her. He didn't smile at her, didn't compliment her. He took one breast in his hand and squeezed it hard enough that she shuddered. Dom put his mouth on her other breast, moving so his head touched Brian's hand, stroked against it.

"Back up," Brian whispered in Lupita's ear. He steered her with the hand on her breast, walking them to the bathroom, feeling Dom brush against them both as he followed.

He pushed Lupita into the bathroom and closed the door, then turned quickly to Dom.

"Okay?" he breathed urgently.

Dom reached around him, opening the bathroom door. "You said it, Mr. Knox. I' m in."

Dom's hand trailed across Brian's heated groin as he passed him, and Brian's heart jumped in his chest.

Shit. They were actually going to do it. It had sounded great in theory, but theory hadn't been a woman with fuck-me hips and suck-me breasts. Theory hadn't really gotten him anywhere beyond being naked with Dom again. Theory hadn't explained to him exactly how this would work—two of them, one of her.

By the time he took a deep breath and got in the bathroom with them, Dom had stripped completely, and had a hand working lazily between Lupita's thighs. She 'd leaned against the bathroom counter, spreading her legs to accommodate Dom' s hand, and though Brian couldn't swear the sounds coming from her throat were genuine—it wasn't like she was Huerta's Catholic schoolgirl niece or anything; the woman worked for a living—it would have been hard to fake the wetness between her thighs, so much that Dom's hand made sexy squelchy sounds as it moved.

He took a minute to enjoy the view, then closed the door behind him. Darkness descended. As his eyes adjusted, he could just see the shape of Dom and Lupita in the light that filtered weakly through a high opaque window on the opposite side of the room. Huerta might get an earful, but damn if he'd get to watch. Lupita gasped at something—the sudden dark or Dom's hand between her legs, no way to tell.

"Knox," Dom said.

"Yeah," Brian said, just as low and slow. He put his hand out, stepped where he thought they were, and found Dom's waist, the curve just above his hip. He slid his hand across the strong bone, into the thatch of curls between Dom's thighs, and his hand met Lupita's on Dom's dick.

Lupita twitched, and Brian let his hand move on, across the back of hers, up the inside of her arm, and she twitched again, but probably for a different reason. He leaned across Dom's shoulder, rested his forehead on Lupita's chest, and tried to remember when breasts did it for him.

Nipples, hard nipples over a beating heart, now that worked. He took one nipple in his mouth, rolled it with his tongue, and got a hand in his hair for the effort, Lupita holding him tightly while she panted softly above him. Brian let some of his weight rest on Dom, skin on skin from shoulder to thigh. Dom moved his hand with more purpose, his arm rocking back against Brian's stomach with every stroke, grazing his hard-on. Lupita made a strangled sound in her throat, and Brian drew down hard on her nipple. Hell, hearing how turned on she was totally turned him on, too, and he could tell by the tensing of Dom's thigh against him that it was working for him, too.

"Yes, yes," Lupita choked out, then she shuddered all over. Brian could feel her thighs quivering, the involuntary clench of her hand in his hair. He let her nipple drop from his mouth and laid his head on her breast, enjoying the sound of her pounding heart.

Lupita took a deep breath, then stretched against them like a sated cat. Brian felt her pull Dom's hand from between her legs. She brought it first to her nose, breathed in, then pressed Dom's hand against Brian's cheek. "He is good, your Dominic," she said, hardly a whisper in Brian's ear.

Brian would have given a lot to have seen her expression then. He did his best not to tense.

"Very good with his hands," she said, a little louder. "What else can he do?"

Lupita pushed Dom's hand against Brian's mouth, and he opened instinctively, licking. He could taste her, salty and clean, taste Dom beneath. His hips canted forward, searching for any surface, any skin to stroke against. From the give in the body that met him, probably Lupita, though Dom grunted, too, so who knew?

Brian heard a growl deep in Dom's throat, and stepped back, pushed Dom's hand out of his mouth and gave him some room.

"Front or back," Dom said. "You choose."

It took Brian a minute. Front or back. Like a lightning strike lit the room, he could suddenly see it in Technicolor, the way he'd played out Dom and Letty together. They were going to fuck Lupita, both at the same time. Did he want the back, so he could watch Dom fuck her, play with her tits, kiss her? Or did he want the front, so he could feel Dom stretch into her, watch those hands move on her? God, decisions, decisions…

"No, no, I choose," Lupita said. She got a firm grip on Brian's dick, and from the sound Dom made, she had him in hand, too. She shook Brian's dick a little. "You, in the back, I think. He is too big."

No way to argue with that, not without telling her a shitload more than she needed to know, and hell, maybe she was right. Dom was big; just because Brian took him enthusiastically up his ass didn't mean anyone else would want to.

Brian reached for the counter, fumbled until he came to his dop kit. He dug around until he found two condoms and a travel-size tube of sunscreen. Not ideal, but better than fucking her raw. He handed them to Lupita, and she took charge. She maneuvered Brian around until he had his hips against the counter, almost sitting on it. "Put this on," she said, and pressed a condom in Brian's hand. Brian heard the other condom wrapper rip. "You, too, Dominic."

Brian stretched the condom on by feel, taking a minute to enjoy the tightness, the slick inside. Ordinarily, he didn't like condoms, but God alone knew where this girl had been before them, so he appreciated the barrier.

Lupita leaned back against Brian, and pulled Dom toward her. They were mostly shadows, but Brian could see the silhouette of Dom's head against the muted light of the high window, see the shape Lupita's arms made when they wrapped around his neck.

"You first," she leaned back to whisper in Brian's ear, then she shifted forward, lifting her ass.

"Kiss me," he heard her say to Dom, and Dom must have complied, because Brian could hear them, the sounds of mouth on mouth, tongue on tongue. It made his dick jerk, made him want to lean over her shoulder, push her mouth away from Dom's and take it for himself.

But he didn't. Instead, he spread sunscreen on his fingers, then thoroughly, and undoubtedly more carefully than Jerry Knox ever would have, prepared Lupita to take him. She hitched a breath when he started with two fingers, but she was a professional, she knew what to do. She bore down on him, and brought one of Dom's hands back between her thighs.

Brian scissored his fingers, because that's what he did to Dom to help stretch him out. It always made Dom do something—pound his fist on the bed, grab his dick, something, but Lupita just stood there and let him plug her like a plumber fixing a pipe. It all felt kind of…clinical. Like, maybe he should have worn a glove along with the condom. It wasn't that she didn't feel good; she did. She just really wasn't who he wanted. He didn't know anything about her beyond her name and the fact that she could easily drink him under the table, and he had his fingers up her ass? How the fuck did they get this far without someone—Dom—calling the whole thing off?

She swiveled on Brian's fingers, lifted up and wiggled her hips. Well, with her mouth otherwise occupied, it was as good a go-ahead as he was likely to get, and Dom didn't seem to be slowing down any…Brian slathered more sunscreen on his very ready dick, lined up, and pushed.

God Almighty.

Dom yelped, which probably meant she'd bitten him accidentally. Lupita might talk a good game, and yeah, she'd probably done this before, but not a lot, and unless Brian was completely wrong, not anytime recently. She was just too damn tight. He rocked slowly, petting her, sending his hand to meet Dom's between her legs, hunting out any place that would relax her, open her a little more.

It took more time than Brian thought his dick could give him, but he managed. Slowly, a fraction of an inch at a time, he entered her. He'd given up trying to figure out what she and Dom were doing; it was all he could do not to just explode at the deathgrip her ass had on his dick.

When he was pretty sure he'd gone as far as he could, he put his hands on her hips and lifted her, taking all of her weight on his thighs and hips, gaining himself another half an inch of tightness to sink into, and earning a startled moan from Lupita.

"Come on," he said through gritted teeth, and he felt Dom's hand stop playing and start tunneling. Brian reached around, helped him, both of their hands meeting in the hot slick valley between Lupita's legs. Brian moved his hands to her thighs, holding her open. Dom filled the space there, muscled himself in, never pausing, not taking care, just pushing Brian's hands away, taking the weight of Lupita's thighs himself, and pushing heavily inside until his body slammed Lupita tight between them.

Brian settled back against the counter, his thighs shaking with effort. Taking Lupita's weight, feeling the heaviness of Dom on her, in her—it made him glad he had something to lean on, something to ground him. He'd been so tied up with the mechanics of it, figuring out how the hell to make it work, that none of it seemed quite real until he felt Dom there, naked, hard, and not even close to where Brian wanted him.

Now it felt real, all right. God, too fucking real. Unreal.

Brian's dick pulsed an urgent beat in Lupita's ass, and he tried not to move. He held her hips, steadying her, and felt the muscles in Dom's torso tremble where he rested against Brian's hands.

This close, he had Dom this close, but not the way he wanted, not like it ought to be. He wanted to shove Lupita out of the way, make her disappear. The Knox in him wanted to kill her, and that's when he knew they'd made a terrible, terrible mistake.

Then Dom started to move, the only one of them who really could. He pulled back almost entirely, then thrust in hard. Brian could feel him through Lupita, feel the thick head of his cock scrape against his own through the narrow barrier of Lupita's body, and it felt so good, it was so close to what he wanted…and yet so godddamn far, that he felt his throat tighten.

God, he didn't want to be here. Didn't want to be Knox. Didn't want to be fucking one of Huerta's whores, even if he could hear Dom's mouth saying stuff Lupita would probably think was all about her, but Brian knew better.

Lupita reached for one of his hands, lifted it to her mouth and licked the vee between his index finger and thumb. Then she slid it down between her legs, not to her clit, but down further, where Dom penetrated her. She bracketed his cock with Brian's hand, her own hand holding his wrist, keeping him there.

"He's very strong," she murmured.


Dom started slamming harder and harder into her, as if he could tunnel through to Brian if he just did it hard enough, sliding through the stretch of Brian' s fingers, plunging so deeply Brian could feel Dom's pubic hair against his hand at the end of each stroke. Dom's hands slid off Lupita's thighs, and onto the counter next to Brian. Brian had to pull his hand out from between them or risk them all losing their balance. Dom fell onto them, pressing Lupita back, changing the angle of Brian's dick, rooted deep in her ass. It felt just that little bit closer, that little bit better.

Brian felt the counter give a little at his weight, then Dom's hands were on him, on his lower back, where he'd started cramping up from the load he carried, Dom's two big hands holding him, fingers spread wide, giving him something to lean into.

Those two hands made everything wrong finally feel right.

Brian gave in to him, let Dom take him on. He concentrated on Dom's hands, on the heavy thrusts he felt through Lupita's body, on the harsh sound of Dom's breathing, and let himself surrender, coming in tight hard spasms without ever thrusting. Dom must have felt it, or heard something in Brian's breath, because he followed almost immediately, ragged thrusts shoving them until Brian had his back on the counter. Dom couldn't keep the angle right, couldn't maintain his position, and he pulled out, used his hand to finish it. Brian heard the slapping sound of Dom's hand against his cock and felt another surge through his own dick, one last empathetic twinge.


Lupita put a hand between her legs, circling, pulling, and Brian felt the contractions when they hit her. She shook on him, squeezing his softening dick so hard she pushed him out, then she went limp.

"Get her up," Brian said softly, hoping Dom could hear him. Almost immediately, he felt Dom's arm come around Lupita's back, lifting her off him. Brian stripped off the condom, tossing it in the general direction of the toilet. He heard Dom doing the same and wanted to taste him, wanted to pull Dom's spent dick in his mouth and suck on him until he got hard again.

He watched as Dom opened the door and half-carried, half-dragged Lupita to the bed and stretched her out on it. He leaned up to switch on the bedside light. Lupita held up one lethargic hand, and Dom kissed it, then let her go.

Dom came back and stood just inside the bathroom doorway, his wet penis thick, half-hard. When Brian looked at him, it twitched, stiffened a little more. Dom rubbed a hand over his face, reached for a towel and wrapped it around his hips.

"You need anything, Mr. Knox?" he asked Brian.

Brian nodded. He knew he was still in the dark of the bathroom. Dom could see him, but Huerta couldn't.

If he didn't say anything, Huerta would never know.

He leaned back against the mirror. He wanted Dom to see him stretched out there, willing, ready. He stroked his hand down his dick, let it start to fill, let Dom watch him get hard at just the sight of him.

Dom huffed out a breath, dropped his eyes.

"Help me up," Brian said, slurring the words.

Dom lifted his head. Brian could see his jaw clench.

Dom walked toward him, passing his hand over his crotch, pushing down his growing erection.

When he got within reach, Brian sat up straight and pulled Dom in with his legs, knocking him off-balance and into his chest.

Dom stifled a startled sound and looked back over his shoulder. Brian could see Lupita stretched out on the bed, her head turned away. Smart girl…or else she'd passed out.


Dom turned back to him, leaned close.

"Huerta," he breathed in Brian's ear.

"Fuck him," Brian said.

He felt Dom's quiet laugh against his skin. "Him, too? You're not satisfied?"

Brian ducked his hand under Dom's towel, rolled Dom's heavy balls on his palm. Dom dropped his forehead to Brian's shoulder and exhaled a quick, hard breath.

"Not even close," Brian whispered against Dom's neck.

Dom lifted his head and took Brian's mouth, quiet and deep, his tongue staking a claim.

That kiss, more than all that tequila he'd had that night, made Brian dizzy.

Dom pulled off without a sound, stroked Brian's impossibly hard dick once, then lifted out of the circle of Brian's legs, adjusted himself and re-secured the towel.

"I'll get her where she needs to go," Dom said, turning away.

Brian closed his eyes, closed out the sight of Dom bending over Lupita, rousing her. He heard them moving around the room, heard the zip of Dom's pants. He heard them talking softly, Lupita protesting something, Dom making reassuring sounds.

The door closed behind them, and quiet lay as deep as the dark.

Brian pushed himself up, still clutching his dick, feeling off-balance and kind of dangerous. He turned on the bathroom light, blinked at his sweaty, red face in the mirror, his half-closed brown eyes, and watched himself as he jerked off, watched his swollen dick shove through his fisted hand and pictured Dom there, his mouth open, dark eyes looking up at him, watching while he milked it, drew it out until Brian had no choice but to come down his throat, shouting Dom's name.

No shout in real life, though. In real life, he bit his lip and watched come splash the mirror, the sink, the counter that had so recently held so much weight.

In real life, he couldn't afford to make that sound, or say that name.

He didn't know how long he stood there. A while. He cleaned up the mess he'd made, made sure the condoms got into the toilet and flushed them, then took the longest, hottest shower he could stand.

He was still drying off when he heard a knock at the door.

Dom stood on the threshold. "Diego's going to get her home."

"Thanks," Brian said.

He didn't invite Dom in. Didn't feel steady enough to have him there and not touch him again.

"You paid her?" Brian asked.

Dom looked at him, frowned. "Yeah. She didn't want it. Said Huerta took care of her."

"But you gave it to her anyway," Brian said.

Dom nodded. "She seemed to think it was a lot."

"It was worth it," Brian said.

Dom seemed to get it, but he didn't make eye contact. "I'll see you tomorrow, " he said.

"Yeah," Brian said. Dom turned his back before Brian could get the door shut.

Great in theory, that idea.

Maybe we could find one to share, he'd said. It had sounded sexy, edgy, a real rush…

But they'd learned something tonight; Lupita had taught them something they really should have known all along:

Brian didn't like to share.

Neither did Dom.

Hell of a way to figure that out.

Hell of a time.

Hell of a place.

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