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Almost 3

Title: Almost 3

Author: Bone

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Fandom: The Fast & The Furious

Pairing: Dom/Brian

Rating: NC-17

Type: Slash

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Disclaimers: Written for pleasure, not profit. The characters do not belong to me. Duh. Intended for adult readers only, please.

Notes: Written into Maygra's "Unfinished Business" universe, with her permission.

It almost didn't happen at all.

It started out good. Shit, it started out great. It started out in the close dark of their bedroom, Dom naked on his stomach and Brian naked straddling his back, pummeling out some kinks, really working the muscles. Dom could have stood another hour or two of that, but Brian went from pummeling to stroking, and stroking to licking, and pretty soon, Dom thought he might just melt into the mattress or set it on fire or something, because Brian was doing that thing with his tongue again.

That thing with his tongue, only this time, Brian was even bolder, yeah, pushier about it, holding him open and licking right up inside him, and Dom thought for sure then he had to be just insane, not gay, because much as he loved Brian, and he really did love Brian, no way was Dom gonna put his mouth there. Didn't mean he didn't appreciate it when Brian did it, though. He squirmed a hand under his stomach, jerked his cock a few times, got into Brian's rhythm, and it felt fucking fantastic, the give and take, push and pull, Brian's wet heat behind him, his own warm dry hand to push into in front.

Then Brian lifted off him, let Dom's thighs drop to the bed. Dom's heart skipped a beat and he let go of his dick. Before he could even raise up on his elbows, Brian leaned over him again, spreading smooth hot skin from Dom's thighs to the back of his neck.

"Dom," Brian breathed against his neck, and he sounded out of breath.

"Yeah?" He rumbled it out, a little short of breath himself. He knew what was coming.

"Can I…" Brian's voice fell to a whisper, but one long finger made a forceful request of Dom's ass, pushing steadily against the place Brian had just spent long minutes wetting down, loosening up.

It didn't help.

Dom jerked away, felt all those muscles Brian had just worked so hard on seize right back up again, and his heart jumped so far up his throat he coughed.

"Easy, Dom," Brian said, stilling on top of him. He stroked around Dom's hole with his thumb, and Dom felt a zing shoot through his balls, but it still didn't help.

Brian hunched up on him and reached for something on the nightstand. Didn't take a genius to figure out what he was doing, and before Dom could figure out how to say no to something Brian hadn't even finished asking for, the finger was back, slick as rain, circling, moving, the tip dipping inside, then easing out.

He felt disconnected, like he heard an engine rev and only later realized it was his own foot on the accelerator. He lost his hard-on, his ass felt like it was on fire, and if this was what Brian wanted, he wasn't at all sure he could go through with it.

It all went bad fast.

Dom couldn't get his teeth to unclench enough to do anything more than make noise, and Brian was shaking, sweating, and rougher, probably, than he meant to be, not getting what Dom's noises were trying to tell him. In the dark, it suddenly felt too much like nights he'd spent inside, listening to some poor bastard weaker than him take it whether he wanted it or not. That probing finger went one inch too far, hit something electric deep in Dom's ass, and he reared up, his head spinning, and his elbow slammed back, catching Brian straight across the cheekbone.

"Goddamn, fuck, what the hell?" Brian shot off the bed. He turned the light on beside the bed and looked at Dom like he'd lost his mind.

That sounded about right.

Dom sat up and levered himself to the edge of the bed, rubbing his elbow.

Brian had a hand clapped over one eye and the one blue eye Dom could see just blinked at him. No fear, no anger. He just looked confused.

Dom couldn't hold his gaze.

"Give me a minute, Bri," he said, putting his head in his hands. "Put some ice on that."

He heard Brian in the kitchen a few seconds later, heard cubes popping out of the ice tray and a stifled groan that said the ice pack had touched Brian's face. A chair scraped, then silence.

Dom stood up, looked in the mirror over the dresser and scowled at his reflection. Stupid. Knee-jerk reaction, nothing to do with Brian, but that hadn't stopped his elbow, had it?

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

He took a couple of deep breaths, cracked his neck, pulled on a pair of running shorts and went to face Brian.

When he got to the kitchen, he saw Brian seated at the table, a baggie full of ice held to his cheekbone and two open Coronas in front of him.

Brian opened his mouth, but there wasn't anything he could say that Dom didn't need to say first, so Dom cut him off.

"I'm sorry, Brian. I'm -"

"It's all right. We're good," Brian said.

Good? In what daytime talk show world was this situation good?

Dom shook his head, and Brian sat forward in his chair, dropping the ice pack to the table. He waited until Dom's eyes met his.

"I mean it, Dom. We're cool."

Dom felt a knot loosen in his chest.

Brian lifted one of the beer bottles to his mouth and pushed the other towards Dom. Dom sat down heavily and accepted the offering.

"You thinking about getting me drunk?" he asked.

Brian pulled the bottle from his mouth and handed it over. "Good idea."

He smiled at Dom, then winced, and Dom winced with him.

"I don't know what happened," Dom said, indicating Brian's face.

"I do," Brian said.

Dom raised his eyebrows. "Yeah?"

"Lompoc," Brian said.

Dom suddenly found the chipped linoleum tabletop really interesting.

"How do you know that?" he mumbled.

"I'm not psychic, man. I was in, too, remember?" Brian said.

Dom lifted his head. Brian was poking at his cheekbone with a cautious finger.

"You think I don't have nightmares?" Brian asked.

Right. Juvie time, lifting cars. "I thought maybe they just said that, for the cover. You know, for cred," Dom said.

Brian shook his head. "No, it was for real. If you think adult men are mean and horny, you should try being in with a couple hundred messed-up adolescents."

Dom didn't really want to think about it; Brian was still pretty, and he could imagine what he might have looked like ten years younger.

Brian leaned across the table, blue eyes even brighter than usual, confidence in every line of his body. "We don't ever have to do that, Dom. It's not a race, there's no finish line, and I don't plan on hitting the road just because you're not sure you want my dick up your ass. But I can guarantee you that whatever you think it's gonna be like, it's not gonna be like that. And it sure as hell isn't prison sex."

Then he got up, tossed the ice in the sink, got another beer, and stroked one hand across the top of Dom's head before he went back down the hall toward the bedroom.

Dom drank both beers in about a minute. Felt a little better after that, and headed back to the bedroom himself.

Brian had left the bedside light on and was sitting on the bed, leaning against the headboard with one knee raised. He'd have a shiner by morning, and Dom felt his chest tighten.

"Ask me again," Dom said.

Brian straightened up, stretched out his legs. "Don't tease me, Dom."

"I'm not. Ask."

Brian stood up and went right to him, close enough for Dom to feel the warmth of his body, to smell soap and Corona and arousal. Brian put his hands on Dom's hips, slid his fingers under the waistband in back, and said, "Can I fuck you?"

God, those four words killed him. Laid him open.

"Yeah." Dom swallowed. "Please."

Brian smiled and sent his hands farther down the back of Dom's shorts. "You start feeling weird, tell me, okay?"

Said the man who'd talk about anything to the man who usually defaulted to saying nothing.

Brian leaned close and murmured in his ear, "Do you want to be on your back or your stomach?"

Dom pulled back, just enough to see Brian's face.

"What about all that stuff you said at the bar? The mirror, standing up, all that shit?"

"That was just my dick talking, man. That's kind of…advanced. We'd better stick with the basics for now," Brian said.

Dom thought he hid the hateful surge of jealousy that swept through him at the thought of somebody, some man, taking Brian from beginner to advanced, but apparently not. Brian backed up a step and looked a lot more worried than he had when Dom popped him in the eye. "What?" he asked.

"I don't want to know how you know that," Dom growled. "I really don't."

"It's just physics," Brian said, cupping Dom's ass again, kneading it. "Feel how tight you are? You've gotta really relax to do it standing up, and that, my friend, just doesn't seem like it's gonna happen. So how do you want it?"

He had to hand it to Brian—he spoke Dom's language.

"Back," he said, his mouth dry. "I want to see you."

Brian's face softened at that. "Okay if I leave the light on?"

Dom nodded.

The same certainty that Brian brought to his driving, he brought to their bed. Dom found it almost didn't matter if he relaxed as long as Brian turned him the fuck on, and Brian did that really, really well. Not once in the time Brian took to prepare him did Dom's mind disconnect from his body the way it had before. He kept his eyes open, watched the lust slide across Brian's face when Dom's body opened first for one finger, then two, and felt his own desire rise up to meet it.

The lights helped. So did seeing Brian's face change when he rose up over Dom for the first time, seeing the strain in his biceps as he hoisted Dom's thighs over his arms. Dom thought he'd feel exposed, vulnerable, but Brian was right there with him, filling the space he'd made, heavy on his pelvis, strong between his legs.

And then Brian was pushing in, huge and hard, so much bigger than his fingers, so much hotter. Dom's eyes started to close, it felt like too much, but Brian wouldn't let him.

"It's just me," Brian said. "Look at me. C'mon, Dom, look at me."

So he did. He looked at Brian's eyes, clear and bright, looked at his bruised cheekbone, at his bared teeth smile, looked down to see Brian's hard-on disappear inside him. He watched Brian fuck him, felt it and saw it and let himself live it, Brian inside him like he belonged there after all, certainly as much as Dom had ever belonged in him. It felt like they'd completed some fraying circuit.

Brian held him down, moved him where he wanted Dom to go, and Dom had no problem with that, no problem following Brian's order to jerk himself off, no problem matching him thrust for thrust until he had to go faster than Brian wanted, had to leave Brian behind and just come, bearing down on the thick heat in his ass, continuing to strip his spent dick because Brian was still in him, Brian hadn't come yet, so he didn't feel done.

Brian waited him out, waited until Dom couldn't hold his eyes open anymore, then he leaned forward, pushed Dom's thighs to some impossible angle, and kissed him, his mouth dry, his lips unsteady against Dom's mouth.

"You amaze me, Toretto," he said softly.

Brian took one more kiss, then lifted up and thrust hard, time after time after time until his arms started shaking and he groaned, his rhythm stuttering. Dom wrapped his hands around Brian's biceps, took some of his weight, and whatever Brian had been holding back, he finally let go, driving down on Dom, in him. Brian kept it together everywhere but here, with everyone but him, and Dom felt a fierce and unexpected sense of pride when Brian's whole body shuddered, when he felt Brian's cock jerk inside him, pulsing and sharp.

Brian slid out, dragging a moan from Dom, then he collapsed on Dom's chest. Dom grabbed a handful of sweaty curls and pressed him closer.

Brian settled on him like a blanket, and Dom had no problem with that, either.

"You were right," Dom said, rubbing his chin on Brian's head.

"About what?" Brian asked, sleep already blurring his voice.

"We're good."

He felt Brian's smile against his chest. "Yeah, Dom. We are."

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