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Almost 2

Title: Almost 2

Author: Bone

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Fandom: The Fast & The Furious

Pairing: Dom/Brian

Rating: NC-17

Type: Slash

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Disclaimers: Written for pleasure, not profit. The characters do not belong to me. Duh. Intended for adult readers only, please.

Notes: Written into Maygra's "Unfinished Business" universe, with her permission.

It almost happened on adrenaline.

Racing, what else?

No, it wasn't the smartest thing they'd ever done. Talk about two guys who needed to keep their noses clean…but Hector had lured them with a spiffed-out Celica and the promise of anonymity, and they'd looked at each other for about half a second before they jumped on the offer.

Two days on some hellish stretch of pavement in northwest Arizona. Two days watching Hector and his homies run race after race, waiting for their best shot. They each got one race in. Brian ran against a lineup made up entirely of Hector's relatives. Dom took on some guys from the Navajo nation. Neither won, neither cared. Brian nosed out Dom on the split time, and he crowed like a rooster when Hector showed him the charts.

Brian had been strutting around ever since, a big tall blond surfing a sea of Natives and Hispanics, and if he was striving for anonymity, he failed. Everywhere Brian went, beautiful dark girls followed him. It was like having a bunch of Mias underfoot.

They managed to ditch his fan club outside a bar. Dom couldn't remember the name of it; hell, he couldn't remember what town they were in, but they'd settled in for several happy hours in a row, tossing back pitchers of some home-brewed cerveza and shooting the shit in mangled Spanglish with Hector's assorted friends, brothers, nephews, and cousins. No women allowed, and really, Dom thought, who needed them?

Brian looked happier than Dom could ever remember seeing him. Good to get away, good to do this, dumb as it was. He'd do it again in a heartbeat to see Brian looking like that. Brian was still pumped up from the run. He kept bouncing out of his chair—he fed the jukebox, made multiple trips to the bar for more pitchers, and only settled in his seat when Dom put a heavy hand on his shoulder, pushing him down.

"Chill, man," Dom said. "You're making me dizzy."

Brian shifted on his chair. "Sorry. I just…I don't feel like sitting."

"I know," Dom said softly, leaning closer so the others wouldn't hear. "Little longer, and we can head out."

"I don't want to leave," Brian said.

Dom smiled at how emphatic he sounded.

"I'm just restless," Brian said, shrugging. "I forgot what it felt like."

Dom nodded. Easy to forget, if you didn't do it often enough. Racing didn't feel like anything else, not sex, not drugs, and he didn't blame Brian one bit for wanting to hold onto that feeling for a while.

Dom looked at Brian's profile, at his sun-burned nose, the white-blond tips of his hair, the hand that drummed on one agitated thigh, and it was all he could do not to reach out, turn Brian's face to his and try to eat him through his mouth. Adrenaline, yeah. Made you want to do all kinds of shit you shouldn't.

Dom leaned back, rubbing his stomach.

Brian must've caught the movement out of the corner of his eye, because he turned and frowned. "You okay?"

"Yeah," Dom said. "Probably got a bad tamale or something. I'll be right back."

He stood, leaning on Brian's shoulder for a minute before he headed for the men's room.

It wasn't a suite at the Hyatt, but it would do, he decided. It was small, and dark enough that he wondered what might be lurking in the corners, but it was all the way at the back of the bar, down the hall and around a corner, and it had a lock. Yeah, that worked.

He waited. Checked out his own two-day tan in the cracked mirror, washed his hands, stripped off his shirt and threw some water in his armpits, sniffed and put his shirt back on. He cleaned his fingernails with a toothpick, rinsed his mouth, and was getting ready to start adding to the graffiti on the wall when Brian poked his head around the door.

"Yo, what's up? You sick?" he said.

"Yeah, sick of waiting for you. What kind of detective are you, anyway?" Dom asked, yanking Brian in the bathroom with him and locking the door behind him.

"I'm not a -" Whatever he might have said, Dom swallowed.

He took Brian's mouth like he'd been waiting days for it, and come to think of it, he had. Too long, after a steady stream of Brian's skin, lips, hands. No wonder they were going a little crazy.

Brian scrabbled for the door behind him, probably checking the lock, and then he did his own yanking, pulling Dom back with him until Brian's back hit the wall and Dom slammed into him, hard. Brian choked out something that sounded like "Are you nuts?" but his hands were already burrowing under Dom's shirt, and he spread his legs so Dom could fit between them. He pulled off Dom's mouth and grinned at him. "This is a really, really stupid thing to be doing."

Dom quirked a little smile. "Add it to the list."

Brian's eyes went dark when Dom slid his hand down Brian's chest, then lifted his shirt and started playing at his navel. The skin there was really soft, and Dom teased Brian until his hips started hitching up, swiveling to try to get Dom's hand on his dick.

"Hey, Brian?" Dom asked, leaning in to nip at the side of Brian's neck.


"You want to ask me something?" Dom said in his best low voice.

He heard the sink faucet drip four times before Brian pushed Dom's face out of his neck and stared at him.

"Today?" Dom continued. "Right now?"

Dom watched him get it, watched his eyes go wide and a little glassy, and felt the jolt that went through Brian's body, from the jerk of his dick against Dom's stomach to the clench of his hands on Dom's shoulders.

"What, here?" he yelped, and his mouth might be protesting, but Dom could feel the heat coming off his body in waves. Brian liked the idea. A lot.

"You, we, I can't," Brian's voice spluttered down to nothing. Huh, he'd made Brian speechless. Too bad it would probably only work once.

Dom stepped back, made a show of looking around, and said, "You don't like it?"

Brian moved back into his space and cupped Dom's face in his hands, making him look at him. Damn, Brian was fine when he got all sincere.

"I'm not fucking you in a men's room," he said fiercely. "Tempting as it is, as you are, I'd rather wait."

"Really." Dom slid his hand down the front of Brian's jeans and felt him up. "You sure about that?"

Brian gritted his teeth, his common sense obviously in a serious tug-of-war with his dick, but he gasped out, "Yeah, wait, you know, for a bed, or a couch, or…okay, at least a backseat. I'm not fucking you in a bathroom."

Dom stepped away again, took his hand out of Brian's pants, and Brian grabbed his wrist. "Don't get me wrong," he said. "If it's a one-time offer, I'll take it, but this place stinks and I think we can do better."

Dom felt another grin slip across his face. "It's not a one-time offer, Bri. Ask me sometime and see what happens."

Brian let go of Dom's wrist and reached down to adjust himself. Dom's eyes followed the movement, and before he really even came to the decision, he'd dropped to his knees.

Brian sucked in a breath above him and grabbed his dick like he didn't trust it. Dom gently pushed his hand away and replaced it with his own, stroking the heat he found. Brian leaned heavily against the wall behind him, rattling the mirror, and they both stilled, listening intently, until Dom decided nobody'd heard them, and hey, if they had, to tell the truth, it just added to the rush.

And it was a rush, no question about it, to be there on his knees in some cruddy bathroom, thinking about giving his first blowjob. Yeah, they hadn't done that, either, and it suddenly seemed like the dumbest thing so far, not doing that, not knowing what Brian tasted like. Dom straightened his back, making more room for his dick in his jeans. Adrenaline, riding the rush, feeling it surge up his spine until he wasn't sure he wanted to wait, wasn't sure he could.

Brian seemed a little freaked out, grabbing his wrist again and saying, "Are you sure, Dom? Are you sure? You don't have to -"

Dom kept going, unzipped Brian's jeans and flipped his cock out. That dick had no qualms whatsoever. That dick was more than ready, and could have cared less if the entire Navajo nation dropped in to take a peek.

Dom just nodded and leaned forward, shaking off Brian's hold so he could brace himself with one hand on Brian's thigh and the other on his dick.

Brian shuddered at the first touch of Dom's tongue on him, his head thumping back hard against the wall, and Dom almost lost it then and there. Brian's knees buckled when Dom put his mouth over the head of Brian's cock, so Dom had to hold him up and blow him, and it took a while to get the rhythm right. He knew he'd found it when Brian started talking.

"Oh, fuck, Dom, that's it, yeah, that's it," he moaned.

Dom let Brian's dick fall out of his mouth. "Shut up, Brian. Men's room, remember?"

Brian dropped his chin, staring at Dom with eyes that didn't even look familiar, dark pupils shoving aside all the usual blue, then he clapped one hand over his mouth and nodded.

Dom loved him. He really did.

Dom held eye contact with Brian while he pulled his dick back in his mouth, and Brian groaned again, quiet and intense behind the hand covering his mouth. Brian started shaking his head, his legs twitching, and Dom thought if he'd known he could make Brian feel this good, he'd have blown him months ago.

He closed his eyes then, because he was close to coming himself, just watching Brian watch him, and he had some pride. Didn't really help though, since dropping sight just meant all the tastes and smells came at him that much harder. Truly, there was nothing about doing this that he didn't like, and again, he wondered why in the hell he'd waited so long.

Brian started making muffled sounds behind his muzzle, anxious high-pitched sounds that Dom thought would probably translate to, "oh, shit, I'm gonna come really, really soon," and if he could have smiled around the swelling thickness crowding his throat, he would have, but instead, he just sucked harder and decided to ride the rush wherever it took him, even when it meant swallowing a mouthful of come about ten seconds later.

Weird taste, gross texture, but it was worth it to see Brian slide down the wall when Dom let him go. His legs were still shaking, and he looked flat out gone for a few seconds, his hand dropping away from his mouth to allow huge panting breaths.

"Jesus, Dom," Brian finally whispered, licking dry lips.

Dom shrugged and tried to look humble. From the tired snort Brian gave him, the look needed some work.

Brian drew in a deep breath and reached for him, stroking up under his shirt again, shoving it up so he could reach skin with his mouth.

"What can I do? What do you want?" he asked, licking one nipple while he stroked the other.

Dom dropped his chin to his chest. "That works," he grunted.

"C'mere," Brian said, standing on shaky legs, helping Dom up. He maneuvered them to the sink, looked at the reflection of the two of them in the clouded mirror and said, "Watch."

Dom guessed he was supposed to watch Brian's hand unzipping his jeans, pushing down his shorts, stroking his cock, but he looked at Brian's face instead, watched Brian looking down, watching his hands on Dom's dick. Dom felt Brian plaster himself against his back, pushing against his ass even though Dom knew good and well there was no way Brian had that good a recovery time.

"When I fuck you?" Brian breathed into his ear. "I want to do it like this. I don't need you on your knees, man. I want you right here with me."

Christ. Brian was fucking him after all, fucking with his mind. It took absolutely no imagination at all to see what Brian described, see himself naked in front of the bathroom mirror while Brian pushed inside him from behind. His dick swelled in Brian's hand, feeling tight and desperate.

"Is that okay? Can we do that?" Brian asked, stroking him harder now, rocking against his back.

Dom closed his eyes, closed out what he could see, fell into what he could imagine, and nodded. "Yeah, yeah, Brian."

"Good," Brian said. He set his mouth just at the place where Dom's neck met his jaw, and bit him hard. Dom slapped the sink with both hands, shoved back into Brian's body and came in a rush, trying not to yell, trying to stay upright.

A hard knock on the door made Brian lose his grip on Dom's dick, and by the time whoever it was had tried the door handle, Dom had stuffed himself back in his pants and was leaning over the sink, rinsing streaks of come down the drain.

"Just a second," Brian called out, then put his hand on the back of Dom's neck, bent him over the sink and started splashing water on his face. He left his hand where it was and flipped the lock with the other. Hector stood outside, eyebrows raised.

"You guys all right?"

Brian nodded, holding Dom's head down. "Yeah. He ate something that didn't agree with him."

Hector looked carefully at Dom's wet face and the hold Brian had on his neck, and put his hands up, heading back to the bar.

"Whatever you say," Hector said as he rounded the corner.

Dom lifted his head, motioning towards the paper towels on the wall. Brian mopped his face, tossed the towels in the trash and said, "Think he knows?"

Dom shrugged. "Maybe. Does it matter?"

Brian seemed to consider it for a minute, then echoed Dom's shrug. "Doesn't seem to."


Brian slept most of the way back. The opposite of the rush; the inevitable crash. Probably good for him, getting some rest. Dom had plans for him once they got home, plans for a bed, a couch, or the backseat of the car, plans that had nothing at all to do with sleeping.

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