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Almost 1

Title: Almost 1

Author: Bone

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Fandom: The Fast & The Furious

Pairing: Dom/Brian

Rating: NC-17

Type: Slash

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Disclaimers: Written for pleasure, not profit. The characters do not belong to me. Duh. Intended for adult readers only, please.

Notes: Written into Maygra's "Unfinished Business" universe, with her permission.

It almost happened on tequila.

Lots of tequila. One of Hector's buddies paid for a tweaked carburetor with a bottle of good man Jose, the fridge coughed up two limes, and they stood facing each other at the counter on a sticky Saturday afternoon and did shots out of jelly glasses. Dom lost count of how many, but by the time they stopped, his hand was crusted with salt and his lips stung from the lime. All that licking and sucking mixed with all that mainlined alcohol, and it wasn't really a surprise when Dom looked down to see Brian hard in his jeans. Hell, he was hard himself.

Brian licked some salt out of the corner of his mouth, then wiped it with his hand, saying, "This party needs tunes."

"We're having a party?" Dom asked, and wondered why the words came out funny, tinny.

Brian tossed him a grin over his shoulder, a throwaway smile, like he had them to spare and they didn't cost anything. Dom watched him go, tall and lean, moving like he already heard some song in his head. Dom leaned back on the counter, enjoying the sway of Brian's ass, the ease in his long arms and legs as he crouched for a CD from the pile on the floor, then reached up to stick it in the box.

Brian stumbled as he stood, but caught himself on the edge of the couch and shook his head, still grinning. Not the most graceful guy on his good days, let alone with some tequila in him, Dom thought, but something else was different. What was it? He cocked his head, watching as Brian started bobbing his head in time to the music, smacking out the rhythm with a hand on his thigh, sliding his shoulders side to side.

Yeah, that was it. The crouching, the reaching, the way he moved loose in his body. Brian didn't hurt anymore, that was it. Damn, it made a difference. Dom wasn't sure how many days of their months together they'd both been healthy and whole, but they'd have to be together a lot longer to balance all those hurting days.

Dom pushed off the counter, swaying a little himself, more from the booze than whatever crap music Brian had picked for their little party, and walked a careful line towards him.

Brian looked…damn good. God, he'd spent a lot of time pale and hunched over, with circles under his eyes and chewed-up fingernails. Not anymore. No, whatever gifts God had given him were out in full force today. Looked like the tequila had literally made Brian's hair curl, and it had pinked him up, coming up strong in his cheekbones and his wet mouth, blue eyes bright in all that color.

Brian turned to look at him, still lit up and smiling, and sidled over to Dom, hands out.

"I'm not dancing with you, Bri," Dom said. "There's not enough tequila in the world."

The smile grew blinding and Brian's hands settled hot on his hipbones. "Fine. Wanna fuck?"

Had to be the tequila made his knees bend a little at that.

He might have growled. He knew some noise came out, because Brian got a little grabby right about then, long fingers clutching and tugging, rubbing himself right up against Dom, hard everywhere.

Dom tilted his chin up, just that little bit that used to freak him out, Brian being taller than him, when there weren't many people anywhere taller than him, let alone people he wanted to stick his tongue in, and Brian took him up on the offer, slanting his mouth down, slick and tart, and kissed him until Dom gave in and moved his hips with Brian's. He decided he could claim it was foreplay.

Dom slid his hands up Brian's back, into his tangled hair, pulling hard enough to raise Brian's mouth from his. Brian looked at him, eyes half-closed and hot, and Dom's pulse tripped over itself.

"Yeah, I do," Dom said. "Always."

He did, too. Not always at the best times, either. Once Dom'd given in to it, to Brian and his mouth, his insistence, his willingness, he'd given in completely. Didn't matter where they were, if Brian looked at him wrong Dom wanted him. Wanted him naked, under him, open mouth, tight ass, whatever. Made working on cars with him almost impossible.

Brian pushed him backwards, bypassing the kitchen for the little hall to the bedroom, walking, talking, of course.

"I like that Jose, man. I'm used to the sucky shit," he was saying as he steered Dom by the rudder of his hips. "Jose's cool."

"You're cool," Dom said, and Brian laughed so hard Dom had to hold on to him or they'd both fall down.

"That's smooth, Dom, you try that on girls?" Brian said, pushing Dom backward on the bed so hard he bounced.

From here, Brian looked even taller than usual, his shoulders broad in a beat-up t-shirt, bunched up jeans sliding off narrow hips, and Dom thought for the millionth time just how fucking weird it was that this skinny white kid had turned out to be what his racing heart needed.

Skinny white kid, but not really. Not once his shirt came off, not once he stripped off those jeans and a pair of bleach-white shorts. Skinny white kid came with muscles and a tan, and he wasn't a boy anymore, not with that look on his face, his smile wiped clean, jaw tight, turned on and determined. Fuck, Dom wanted him. Whatever Brian was thinking about, whatever made him look like that, Dom wanted it.

Brian leaned over him, sniffed at his neck, licked his ear while he reached under Dom's t-shirt and yanked it over his head. Dom's head spun a little, and by the time the room settled around him again, Brian had his jeans and briefs piled on the floor.

Oh, yeah. He could still hear the beat of something ridiculous from the living room, feel the buzz shake in his veins, but all he could see was Brian—hard dick, white teeth, trembling a little. Looking at him like he had something on his mind.

"What?" Dom asked, mouth going a little dry at the look on Brian's face.

"I want this," Brian said, and sent his hand between Dom's legs, pushing his knuckles hard against the space behind Dom's balls. Pleasure, pressure exploded up, rattling him, shocking a grunt out of him. Dom grabbed Brian's arm, trying to force his hand still, but Brian moved under his grip, turning his hand so his palm cradled Dom's balls and his fingers stretched perilously close to Dom's ass.

"Brian," Dom said, fighting the pleasure. They hadn't done this. Brian hadn't ever even tried, and Dom wasn't sure being tight on tequila was really the best time to start.

"It's good, Dom. Let go," Brian ordered softly, squeezing him. Dom made himself relax, uncurling his fingers from Brian's arm. He took a deep breath, blew it out and relaxed his thighs, giving Brian a little more room. Brian's smile then almost made it all right that he was about to lose his cherry on too much tequila.

Brian licked his lips. He twisted his fingers in the space Dom had made for him, and streaks of blue and red swam in front of Dom's eyes. Jesus, Brian had good hands. Dom thought his heart might beat right out of his chest, and really, he should be paying more attention, but he got distracted when Brian moved, pushing his dick between Dom's thighs, thrusting rhythmically against his own hand.

Fuck. He ought to be used to this; it shouldn't surprise him anymore when Brian pushed him, when he made him see things and do things and want things he'd never seen, done, or wanted before.

He groaned, tried to hold still and failed miserably. He pushed back, his hands pressing against Brian's shoulders, his mind protesting, while his hips slid against Brian's, his heavy dick finding relief on Brian's taut belly. Brian buried his face in Dom's neck, breathing hard, and Dom stopped pushing on his shoulders and just held on instead, drowning a little.

Brian shifted, stretching out beside him, burning along his side, thrusting his dick against Dom's hip, pushing Dom's legs even wider apart. Dom blew out another long breath, willing himself not to close his legs on Brian's busy hand. He wrapped his arm around Brian, holding him close, deliberately trying to concentrate on the smooth hot skin on Brian's back, tracing sweat down the hollow of his spine, losing himself in the places he was touching and being touched.

Through the haze of tamped-down fear and out of control pleasure, he heard Brian's voice, and swam up to meet it.

"Someday soon, I'm gonna ask if I can fuck you," Brian said. "I want to, so bad. But not today, okay? Not right now."

Dom kissed him for that; dragged Brian back on top of him, trapping his hand there, squeezing too hard with the weight of his body, and kissed him until Brian was shaking, until his dick leaked slippery stuff on Dom's stomach.

Then the world turned on him again. Brian sat back, pulling on his arms. "Turn over, Dom. I'm gonna make you feel so good."

What? He already felt good, was about a minute and a half from feeling great, and now Brian was fucking with the program? Shit.

Brian was still talking. "…worth it, I swear. Trust me."

Dom went with it, rolled over on his twitching dick, sent a hand down to help it out, and got a smack on the ass for his trouble.

"Here, man, put your hands up here," Brian said, and wrapped Dom's hands around the edge of the mattress. Dom writhed against the bed, close no matter what Brian said, or where he put his hands.

"Hang on," Brian said, and he sounded so strange that Dom turned his head, strained back to see him. Brian was staring at him, at his ass, specifically, and jerking off slowly. Okay, no way to look at that and not do something, like, come, so Dom dropped his head down on the sheet and closed his eyes.

"Hang on?" he muttered. "Why, you're not doin' any—"


Brian had his ass in both hands, and his mouth right there, Jesus Christ, right there, moving over the cheeks of his ass, wet, hot, then cold, blowing on him. He couldn't be still, couldn't just lie there and take it, could he? Could he let Brian do that? He dug his hands into the mattress, trying to make himself move, trying to remember how to talk, how to say "stop," how hard could it be?

But it was too late, way too late. Brian had stopped being careful, stopped being gentle, and had palmed his ass open, holding him down, holding his thighs wide apart. Brian's tongue was in there now, right down in there, slippery and hard, moving like a dick never would, wet and agile. Dom thought he might die from it, the embarrassment of it, the pleasure of it; disbelief that Brian would actually stick his tongue in Dom's ass warring with disbelief about how incredibly fucking good it felt.

Talk about embarrassing—the sounds he could hear coming out of his mouth were gonna make him crazy once he sobered up, once he came. Every time Brian licked him there, licked right around the hole, he lost a few more brain cells and yelled a little louder.

Brian just kept on doing it, too, held him open, making his own needy, greedy noises. Then he lifted Dom's hips, Christ, the kid was strong when he had to be, and moved his mouth down, back where he'd started this little adventure, shoved his mouth on the ridge behind Dom's balls, and hummed on him. Dom bucked him off then, dug his knees in the bed and got a hand on his cock just as it spurted, stripped it through about four body-quaking jolts and collapsed on the come-smeared sheet, gasping.

He didn't even get his breath back before Brian launched himself on Dom's back, reaching for Dom's hands, cradling Dom's thighs between his own. His dick found the small of Dom's back and worked against it, a hard, heavy beat, the hair on his thighs scraping against Dom's ass. Dom felt him stiffen against his back, felt him rear up, his hands pulling on Dom's shoulders to give him some leverage, and Dom let himself sink into the bed, giving Brian the widest possible surface to pound. Brian moved back, just enough to slide his dick along the groove between the cheeks of Dom's ass. Three thrusts, four, five, then Brian moaned, low and long, and Dom felt the first hot streak hit his shoulder blade. More heat, one shot as high as the back of his neck, then Brian crashed beside him, ribs heaving, heartbeat visible in his chest.

Dom just looked at him for a minute, then reached for him, amazed at the amount of effort it took to even get his hand on Brian, to tug him closer. Brian looked back, a little defiant, maybe, still charged up and a little drunk.

"You ask me that, someday?" Dom said.

Brian lifted his chin. "Yeah?"

"I'm gonna say yes," Dom said.

Brian leaned over and patted his back, looked too serious. "Okay. Good to know."

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