"Walls" by Bone

Title: Walls

Author: Bone

Author's E-mail: thisisbone@aol.com

Author's URL: http://www.mrks.org/~bone/

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Date: October 10, 2005

Rating: NC-17

Archive: Ask first.

Pairing: Ronon Dex/John Sheppard

AN: A "Damn-You-Stumped-Me" snippet for jad104, who requested John/Atlantis, with a side of Ronon. Turns out it's more Ronon with a side of John/Atlantis, but I hope it will suffice!

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Ronon builds walls with silence and eye contact.

They're his protection; as important as his weapons, as much a part of him as his fighting skill. He's separate and he needs to stay that way. He's not of Earth, he has no people. When it's time to leave, he can take nothing with him.

He will be alone again. He fears forgetting that, guards against it.

Nothing good lasts.

He doesn't understand Sheppard, who moves as easily among the scientists as he does the lowest soldiers, talks with them, laughs with them. Ronon hasn't seen a man or woman yet on Atlantis who watched Sheppard with anything less than respect. Just as often, he sees admiration, even adoration.

And that's just the people.

Ronon's been watching Sheppard for days, trying to learn him, looking for ways to determine whether he's worth staying for. He's shadowed Sheppard from morning to night. He's good at that; he's had years of practice.

So he sees Sheppard unguarded. He sees Sheppard before he drinks coffee, sees him when he stumbles from fatigue late at night. He sees Atlantis open her arms for him, guiding him, bolstering him. Sheppard brings Atlantis to life, and she loves him for it.

Sheppard calls the City "sweetheart" when he thinks no one is listening. He caresses the walls and they hum for him. He holds her devices and they shine for him, spilling their secrets in his hands.

If the City of the Ancestors herself trusts Sheppard, how can Ronon not?

The decision isn't difficult after all.

Ronon feels his walls break, feels light slip through the cracks.

He can't resist Sheppard any more than the soldiers or the scientists. Any more than Atlantis can.

He feels his surrender rise in his throat, gives it voice:

"Is your offer still open?"

Sheppard meets his eyes and holds them.

"Which offer?" Sheppard asks.

Ronon feels his face flush.

"To join your team," he says, his voice huskier than usual, his eyes dropping.

Sheppard never lets him retreat to silence. Sheppard never looks away first.

Sheppard turns back to his work. "You bet," he says, walking away.

Ronon watches as the floor lights a path for Sheppard, as the very walls lead him home.

"Okay," Ronon says to his retreating back. "Okay."

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